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Pace: I will try to clear my tags every day, sometimes quicker than that, sometimes slower.
Backtagging: Yes, always, onwards forever.
Fourthwalling: Bucky knows he is in comic books: the original 1940s Captain America comics exist in the Marvel Universe as propaganda for the war effort. His secret identity is also his actual name, so.
Brackets/Prose: No preference, I will match yours if you have one.
Offensive subjects: Bucky's canon involves brainwashing, violence, and a more than usual amount of Nazis. Older comics also include period-typical racism & sexism. Please let me know if there's something you don't want to be tagged with. I have no specific triggers.
Alternate Universes: I play from 6161 continuity but I really like cross-universe CR and exploring the differences between timelines. I don't always have my characters ICly recognize AU canonmates right-off, but feeling ~a connection~ nonetheless. I'm also more than happy to just go with the flow of a thread, if you want to do it another way!
(in character)
Physical Affection: I'm OOCly comfortable with this, ICly it will depend on the source.
Violence: Character is from a superhero comic, fighting is what he does, feel free to throw the first punch. Major injury and death is something I prefer to discuss beforehand, but feel free to PM me.
Psychic stuff: Bucky has no major mental blocks— he is a normal human being, albeit one that's real good at compartmentalizing. If your character is a telepath let me know and I will try to work surface thoughts into my tags more.
Relationships: I'm open to most things, including friendship, familial relationships, and even romance, given chemistry and development.
Smut: Nope.
— opt out —
Bucky is from 1945, an era that was more sexist, racist, and generally #problematic. Marvel has never been willing to portray this realistically, which is fine, because I don't want to play a complete racist loon for the sake of imagined historical accuracy. That said, while Bucky won't use what he recognizes as offensive slurs, he does canonically mistake Ms. for Miss, and might use words like "nips" or "pansy", which weren't necessarily seen as derogatory in his time. Of course, characters are welcome and encouraged to correct him on his usage. But, if you don't want to deal with this, I completely understand, please let me know! All comments screened.

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